CSS Tricks That Till Make Your App Stand Out

Joel Diaz
2 min readAug 5, 2021

CSS is a powerful and amazing tool for developers to add a touch of themselves to their code. I am new to the world of coding, so I have not seen much CSS but in the last few weeks I have been working on a project that needs a lot of CSS, during this project I found out about many tricks that make my app look awesome and I am going to share some of those tricks with you.


Hover is a really cool trick I used a lot in my project. On my project, I used to hover to change the color of elements and sometimes to create a shadow around elements.

I think this is an awesome and simple trick, all we did was setting a :hover property on the button and change the background color and font color.


Shadow is also a very nice trick, it adds a shadow around the element that is set, making it look really cool. For my app, I used it together with :hover, so that when the cursor hovers over the element a shadow appears around it.


This is another trick I used a lot on my app. In a nutshell, it will round the corners of the element, for example, a button, instead of being a flat square which is not very interesting to see, if you use border-radius it will round up the corners make in it look a lot nicer.

These tricks are the tricks I used the most when creating my app and I am really happy with the outcome of my app, so I hope that you find this useful and like these tricks as much as I did.